SAMHSA Commission Institute: Meet the Team

The Commission highlights people involved in recovery who share information, resources and personal beliefs about recovery.
The Commission consists of: Commission Speakers, Captains, and Team leads.
The Commission Speakers

The Commission section involves people who are working on a national level to address recovery. These individuals provide welcoming messages which feature their deeply held beliefs about recover through short video recordings.

Captains (Prevention, Treatment, Recovery Content Experts)

Captains are people who are in the top of their careers as leaders in the Prevention, Treatment and Recovery world. They are content experts and they guided the development of the Commission Institute.

  • Celine Bobb-Innis Chief Executive Officer, Living Positive
  • Ambi Daniel, Director, Family Center for Life and Recovery Professor, Trainer
  • Lillian McCarthy, Director Healing Springs Recovery Center
  • Keven Johnson, Assistant Director, Detroit Recovery Project
  • Kellie Little, Humanitarian Chief Executive Officer Urban Institute for Strengthening Families (North Carolina)

Team Leads (Peer Content Experts)

Our Team leads are Certified Peer Advocates who are at the top of their field. They were on the ground recruiting and guiding the individuals who tell their stories. Their stories are also included in the Institute:

  • Albert Aponte, of Certified Peer Advocate (CRPA), Knowledge of treatment and MAT
  • Anthony Shaw, CRPA, Peer Ambassador, Veteran, Trainer
  • Felix Gonzales, Certified Peer Advocate, extensive Criminal Justice knowledge and experience