Website Accessibility

The New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) attempts to make our web site accessible to all visitors. If you are unable to access any information or utilize any electronic service on our site, please call 518-457-8299 or send us a description of your accessibility issue.

Your issue will be referred to the appropriate staff and, where feasible, we will provide you with an alternate means of access to the requested material.

Reasonable Accommodations

OASAS must conform with all relevant federal and State non-discrimination and affirmative action statutes, regulations and other administrative directives. These include, but are not limited to, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended, the New York State Human Rights Law, the New York State Civil Rights Law, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Executive Order No. 6. It is therefore the policy of OASAS to provide reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities who are otherwise qualified for the State government position for which they are applying or in which they are employed, and to members of the public with disabilities who wish to access state-owned or operated programs and services.

This policy applies to all employment practices and actions, including, but not limited to: recruitment, hiring, disciplinary actions, rate of pay or other compensation, advancement, reclassification, relocation, promotion, demotion and benefits. Additionally, as outlined in the OASAS Affirmative Action Plan, reasonable accommodations to hire applicants with disabilities and retain employees with disabilities will be considered.

Reasonable accommodations can assist State agencies, as employers, to: overcome otherwise exclusionary employment practices, policies and consequences; provide the opportunity for participation in education and training programs which are available to other qualified employees, enhance upward mobility or employees previously restricted to lower levels: and assure the accessibility of procedures for swift and judicious resolution of complaints of discrimination consistent with this policy, other executive orders and other applicable statutes, regulations or administrative directives.

In addition, this policy and commitment to equal opportunity extends to providing reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities in all state-owned or operated programs and services. This policy is based on the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, Title II, all applicable federal regulations thereunder, and the New York State Human Rights Law (Executive Law, article 15). This duty of reasonable accommodation applies to:

  • physical accessibility at government facilities, programs, and events;
  • policy changes necessary to ensure that all people with disabilities can take part in, and benefit from, all state-owned or operated programs and services; and
  • the provision of necessary auxiliary aids and services to ensure effective communication with persons with disabilities.

The Designee for Reasonable Accommodations (DRA) for OASAS has been designated to oversee the implementation of this policy with this agency. The Division of the Budget, the Department of Civil Service and Offices of General Services and Employee Relations have been directed by the Executive Chamber to be alert and take positive steps to support State agencies seeking funds, equipment, facilities, positions or new procedures in an effort to integrate the provision of reasonable accommodations into day-to-day program and employment decisions. Address all inquiries to:

Christopher Wunning
Human Resources Specialist 2
NYS OASAS, 1450 Western Avenue – 4th Floor
Albany, NY 12203
O: (518) 457-2963 
Email: [email protected]

You can also email [email protected] for all reasonable accommodation-related application submissions or inquiries.