Article 28 Providers (Hospitals)


Article 28 providers currently also certified by OASAS requesting approval to add or make changes to DOH and OASAS certified services will only need to complete and submit the DOH application to DOH and include the DOH Schedule 20B. A copy of the DOH application and Schedule 20B must also be submitted to OASAS. The DOH Schedule 20B can be found on the DOH website.

Prior Consultation

A prior consultation is required; therefore, Article 28 providers must contact the Local Governmental Unit (LGU) and the OASAS Regional Office (RO) in the jurisdiction where services are to be offered to arrange for a discussion of the conceptual basis for the application and its relationship to the service needs expressed in the LGU’s Local Services Plan (if applicable).

These discussions are required and prospective applicants must complete the Certification Proposal - Prior Consult Form - Attachment #1A  (including all required signatures) and include it with the application submission. At the conclusion of these discussions, the RO and LGU will render a recommendation on the applicant’s proposal.


Article 28 Deming

The MRT initiative regarding the inspection and subsequent licensure of OASAS-certified Part 818 and Part 816 programs operated by a general hospital. Effective January 2019 the deeming initiative is also being offered to Part 822 Outpatient and Opioid Treatment Programs operated by a general hospital.

OASAS is allowed to accept the accreditation survey of the chemical dependence treatment programs conducted by The Joint Commission in lieu of a separate licensing survey also being conducted by OASAS. Although authorized to accept the surveys of other qualified hospital accrediting organizations in addition to The Joint Commission, OASAS is beginning the initiative with The Joint Commission first and will continue efforts to develop similar agreements with other hospital accrediting organizations to which the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have granted deeming status. OASAS will notify providers if and when similar agreements are reached with other hospital accrediting organizations.

Qualifying hospitals will have the option to choose either The Joint Commission accreditation process or the OASAS survey process for renewal of the operating certificate for their chemical dependence treatment program.

Deeming Attestation