Gambling Specialty Designation (GSD)


If you are a CASAC, CPP or CPS in good standing and are interested in providing problem gambling services, you may apply for the Problem Gambling Specialty Designation. To obtain the G-Designation, you must have an active CASAC, CPP or CPS credential. The Gambling Specialty Designation may only be used to provide gambling treatment in an OASAS certified program that has a gambling designation on their operating certificate. The Credentialed Gambling Specialty Designation cannot be used in any other work setting.


To obtain a CASAC Gambling Specialty Designation, you must: 
  • Document completion of a 60-hour Problem Gambling Core Curriculum -- Treatment Track which addressed the following areas:
    • Problem Gambling Knowledge and Education (15 hours)
    • Skills for Screening, Assessment and Diagnosis (15 hours)  
    • Specialized Clinical Treatment and Case Management (20 hours)
    • Relapse Prevention and Discharge Planning (10 hours)


To obtain a CPP/CPS Gambling Specialty Designation, you must:
  • Document completion of a 30-hour Problem Gambling Core Curriculum -- Prevention Track which addressed the following areas:
    • Problem Gambling Knowledge and Education (10 hours)
    • Public Policy and Social Impact of Problem Gambling (10 hours)
    • Gambling Specific Prevention Strategies (10 hours)


For a breakdown of the curriculum for each credential, review the Gambling Specialty Designation Application.


Your Gambling Specialty Designation will be included as part of the standard renewal process of your credential during your next credentialed period. In order to renew your GSD, you will be required to document completion of 10 clock hours of continuing professional education specific to problem gambling in addition to the continuing professional education required to renew your CASAC or CPP/CPS certificate.


There is a one-time non-refundable fee of $25, payable by certified check or money order to "NYS OASAS," when applying for the specialty gambling designation.