Certification of Peer Advocates

Request for Qualifications
Certification of Peer Advocates in New York State

Through this Request for Qualifications (RFQ), OASAS is seeking qualified organizations to become authorized to certify competent and ethical individuals as peer advocates to provide peer services some of which may be eligible for Medicaid Reimbursement in accordance with relevant OASAS laws and regulations; and, the OASAS Clinical and Billing Guidance manual regarding Ambulatory Patient Group (APG) Service Category: Peer Support Services.

Eligible Applicants: Organizations which can demonstrate that they have the necessary expertise and required experience to provide Peer Advocate certification services and meet the criteria outlined in the RFQ.

Answers to Questions: A list of questions and answers for this RFQ is maintained by OASAS, and will be provided to anyone who requests it, within one week of that request.

Application Deadline: On-going/No Closing Date – applications will be accepted and reviewed to determine if the organization meets the qualifications contained in the RFQ when the application is submitted. 

Questions? Contact Julia Fesko ([email protected]), Talent Management Bureau.