Harm Reduction

Get involved in reducing the risks of substance use and improving the lives of those living with addiction in your community.
a vile of the non human sedative xylazine which has been appearing in the unregulated drug supply.

Testing Drugs for Harmful Additives

Governor Hochul announced $2.9 million to support community prevention/intervention and drug test strips availability.
Harm Reduction is an Imperative

Overdose deaths are at a record high nationwide. The ubiquity of fentanyl and its analogues has much to do with the rise in overdose deaths. Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid 50-100x stronger than morphine, and its analogues which are often even more potent, have been found mixed in cocaine, heroin, MDMA/ecstasy/Molly, and pressed into pills -essentially anything purchased illicitly - often unbeknownst to both dealers and end users. This increases the risk of overdose for people who use any substance including people using for the first time. Now more than ever, harm reduction is an imperative.

Harm reduction saves lives and decreases potential harms associated with substance use. Tools and strategies that reduce harms include: naloxone and naloxone training; syringe services programs; access to test strips; overdose prevention centers; removal of stigma and barriers to treatment and to medications for treatment; Deterra medication disposal bag; anti-stigma work; increased public awareness and education; and grassroots work by peers, recovery supports, and prevention coalitions.

Life-Saving Tools

Drug test strips detect the presence of harmful additives (e.g., fentanyl and xylazine) in other substances (e.g., cocaine or heroin). These additives can be lethal even in small doses and are otherwise undetectable by sight, smell, or taste which has led to increase in the risk of overdose from the illicit drug supply.

Local Services
Opioid Overdose Prevention Programs
Local Opioid Overdose Prevention Programs or OOPPs connect New Yorkers with naloxone, naloxone training, fentanyl test strips, and safe syringe access and disposal services.

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Get Involved
Grassroots Community Impact
Our partners at Friends of Recovery New York organize and lead a network of Recovery Community Organizations (RCOs). Coalitions are grassroots organizations that promote addiction prevention in local communities.

Educational Resources

Our latest public awareness video highlights the important work of treatment providers as told by clients of their services.