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Clinical practice standards for adolescent programs, which are guidelines intended to establish broad goals and practical benchmarks for delivering high-quality, evidence-based treatment services to adolescents...

COVID-19 Guidance

The Federal Communication Commission has paused/revised requirements through 8/31 to allow individuals recently unemployed or social distancing to more easily apply for the federal benefit program. Updated...

Telepractice & Regulatory Guidance, Opioid Treatment Programs, Health Alerts, Guidance & Local Service Bulletins

OASAS certified or authorized providers should submit a self-attestation for permission to utilize Telepractice during the COVID-19 emergency. Issued 3/20/20. Updated 5/12/20.

Inpatient & Residential Programs, Guidance & Local Service Bulletins

Guidance for admissions and continued stay in community-based OASAS Inpatient and Residential Settings during the COVID-19 disaster emergency. Issued 3/20/20.