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Level of Care Determination (LOCADTR)

A web-based tool to assist treatment providers in determining appropriate levels of care for clients.
Level of Care Determination (LOCADTR)


NYS OASAS, in partnership with National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASAColumbia), developed the Level of Care for Alcohol and Drug Treatment Referral (LOCADTR) 3.0, a web-based tool, to assist substance abuse treatment providers, Medicaid Managed Care plans, and other referral sources in determining the most appropriate level of care (LOC) for a client with a substance use disorder and/or problem gambling disorder. This tool enables the referral source to identify the most appropriate treatment setting closest to the client's community. 

NYS OASAS, working in collaboration with the NYS Department of Health, is using the Health Commerce System (HCS) to access and support LOCADTR tools. The HCS houses hundreds of web-based applications for the State of New York. It is highly secure and well-supported.




When you log into LOCADTR 3.0 you may choose the Gambling LOCADTR module or the concurrent review LOCADTR. Established users do not need to access different modules.

  • LOCADTR 3.0- Tool used for the initial level of care determination for substance use disorder.

  • Concurrent LOCADTR- On-going clinical necessity review.

  • LOCADTR for Gambling Treatment- Used by substance abuse treatment providers with a gambling designation to admit and treat for problem gambling only or as a co-occurring disorder.


Users will need to have a username and password registered with the Health Commerce System in order to access both the LOCADTR 3.0 and the LOCADTR for Gambling.

Step 1: Affiliate your Clinic with the Health Commerce System

Send an email asking to affiliate your clinic. OASAS staff contact you and work with you to complete the necessary forms needed to affiliate your clinical with the Health Commerce System and make sure you receive a pin to access the system.

Step 2: Health Commerce System coordinator enrolls user accounts

You'll be asked to register for an account. Once registered, the coordinator must enroll each user for your clinic.

Step 3: Health Commerce System coordinator adds users roles for your clinic




    Accessing the LOCADTR

    A step-by-step process for establishing access to the OASAS Level of Care for Alcohol and Drug Treatment Referral and LOCADTR for Gambling.



Print Manuals


    LOCADTR 3.0 Manual

    A client placement criteria designed to guide appropriate initial level of care determinations for clients experiencing substance use disorders.



Video Walkthrough

These LOCADTR webinars provide clinical training on utilizing LOCADTR 3.0, LOCADTR for Gambling, and the LOCADTR 3.0 Concurrent Review. Webinar fulfills certain initial/renewal clock-hour credentialling credit and Social Work hours. To receive credentialling credit, register and take a brief quiz on the subject matter through the OASAS Test Portal. 



This training fulfills 1.5-clock hour credit toward:

· CPP/CPS initial

· CASAC/CPP/CPS renewals

· NYS Education Dept. Social Work Continuing Education


View and download this presentation


LOCADTR for Gambling

This training fulfills .45-clock hour credit toward:


· CPP/CPP-G/CPS/CASAC-G renewals

· NYS Education Dept. Social Work Continuing Education


LOCADTR 3.0 Concurrent Review

This training fulfills 1-clock hour credit toward:

· CPP/CPS initial

· CASAC/CPP/CPS renewals

· NYS Education Dept. Social Work Continuing Education


View and Download This Presentation




For questions about the LOCADTR, please email the LOCADTR mailbox and indicate '3.0' or 'Gambling' in the subject line of your e-mail. For clinical application questions, please contact the Practice Innovation and Care Management unit (PICM).

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