photo of the norris atc in rochester new york

John L. Norris Addiction Treatment Center

Counties Served

1732 South Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620
United States

John L. Norris Addiction Treatment Center


The Norris Addiction Treatment Center is a 44-bed inpatient treatment program. Patient services are provided through a structured treatment program which includes a strict set of behavioral guidelines, an intensive treatment program schedule, and individualized treatment.

Specialties include:

  • Problem gambling 
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Co-occurring Addictions & Mental Health Disorders 

Treatment Philosophy

The John L. Norris ATC is a state-operated, inpatient treatment program that provides chemical dependency and problem gambling services for adult men and women addicted to alcohol and other drugs.  The goals of the treatment program are to:

  • Provide a psychologically and physically safe environment to promote a positive treatment experience.
  • Facilitate the stabilization of the patient emotionally and physically.
  • Explore choices and motivation for changing to a clean/sober lifestyle.
  • Develop strategies and resources to carry out that change in their community.
  • Facilitate chemical dependency education and information services to patients and their families, as well as staff and other community agencies.

Admissions Criteria

1) The individual appears to be in need of inpatient chemical dependency services and in need of a higher level of care.

2) The individual is unable to participate in or comply with treatment outside of a 24-hour structured treatment setting based on one or more of the following:

  • a living environment not conducive to recovery;
  • physical or mental complications and co-morbidities requiring medical management;
  • a lack of judgment, insights, and motivation such as to require 24-hour supervision;

3) Individual must reside in one of the counties served by the addiction treatment center.

4) The individual must be at least 18. Under special circumstances, a person under 18 may be admitted. Please contact the addiction treatment center for details.

5) Fees based on Individual's ability to pay (No individuals denied access based on inability to pay).

6) Final admission decisions are always made by the medical director in compliance with utilization review standards.