Medical Protocols for Withdrawal Management

Medical Protocols

Program medical directors should create and revise medical protocols to be consistent with the criteria outlined in the Withdrawal Management Guidance. The Chief Medical Officer of OASAS retains the right to review a program’s medical protocols at any time, and if the protocols are found to be out of compliance with the below criteria and/or not to meet the standard of care for any reason, to request revisions to protocols and initiate regulatory action as necessary and appropriate.

OASAS has provided example protocols from actual providers (names redacted) that meet the criteria below and represent an adequate standard of medical care are included with this guidance and are available upon request. These examples are not intended to represent perfect medical protocols or to be adopted verbatim, but rather to guide programs in creating protocols that work in their program’s setting, align with local resources, and meet the needs of the population they serve.

Example A

Residential Programs (820)

Example B

Withdrawal and Stabilization Program (816.7)

Example C

Outpatient Programs (822)

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