Prevention Professional Scholarships and Reimbursement


The Prevention Professional Scholarship Program will fund scholarships for online
prevention coursework offered by Prevention [email protected] using SAPT block grant
technical assistance funds. The coursework can be found at:
The goal of the Prevention Professional Scholarship Program is to assist OASAS funded
and/or certified Prevention Providers with employee retention and professional
development. The OASAS Provider must submit the application on behalf of their

In addition, a limited number of exam fees will be reimbursed for individuals taking the CPP or CPS exam. This opportunity is available until August 15, 2021 or until funds are exhausted; whichever comes first.

Eligible Employers/Providers

Voluntary agencies that operate OASAS certified or funded prevention programs. Employers are advised that OASAS may not fund an application where the Employer is an OASAS funded/certified prevention provider that is not in good standing at the time an award is made.

Hospitals, Local Government Units and Proprietary entities are not Eligible Applicants for this Funding Application.

The following definitions apply:

  • In Good Standing: All eligible Employers which are subject to a compliance rating must have a current compliance rating of partial (2 years) or substantial (3 years) compliance.
  • OASAS Certified: OASAS Certified: Pursuant to Article 32 of the New York State Mental Hygiene Law, possession of operating certificate(s) issued by the OASAS Commissioner to engage in the provision of prevention counseling as defined by regulation and guidance issued by OASAS.
  • Voluntary Agencies: As defined in New York State Mental Hygiene Law, section 41.03 paragraph 11, a voluntary agency “means a corporation organized or existing pursuant to the not-for-profit corporation law for the purpose of providing local services.”

Questions about eligibility can be directed to: [email protected].

Employee Requirements

To be eligible, at the time of application and upon award, the Employer must ensure that the recommended employee:

  • Has at least one-year of employment history with the Employer (does not have to be a prevention position);
  • Is not currently on disciplinary probation or involved in any disciplinary action (as Determined by employer’s attestation and signature);
  • Desires to take coursework to become a CPP/CPS or renew their credential; and 
  • Has successfully completed the requirements of any previous OASAS-sponsored scholarship awards, if applicable.

Scholarship Application

Exam Free Reimbursement

Individuals who take the Credentialed Prevention Professional (CPP) or Credentialed Prevention Specialist (CPS) exam between January 1, 2021 and August 15, 2021 may apply for a $150 reimbursement.

This limited opportunity will be available until funds are exhausted.