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Treatment & Clinical Support

Technical & clinical guidance for improved compliance with state treatment and recovery service standards at every level of care.
Clinical Standards

The Addiction Treatment and Recovery (ATAR) division oversees treatment and recovery services across all levels on the Continuum of Care. The division also provides clinical and reimbursement guidance to providers to ensure addiction services are delivered in compliance with the recently issued Clinical Standards for Certified Providers, which details clinical treatment expectations across all levels of care. 

Clinical Standards of Care include the following foundations:

  • Person-centered
  • Welcoming and engaging
  • Adaptive and integrated (taken into consideration various courses of treatment, as well as treatment of mental health issues)
  • Connected to the Continuum of Care

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What's SBIRT?

Screening, Brief Intervention & Referral to Treatment

A clinicians' tool for identifying risky behaviors and providing appropriate intervention.
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Determining Levels of Care

The LOCADTR is a required tool for determining the most appropriate level of care for individuals seeking treatment.


Resources and manuals for accessing and utilizing LOCADTR modules.

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