Incident Reporting

All covered providers must report serious reportable incidents (“significant incidents”) via a Justice Center Hotline (1-855-373-2122). The Justice Center will maintain a central registry for reports of abuse and neglect and other significant incidents involving covered OASAS service providers.  

  • Custodians may submit incident reports via an Incident Web Form 
  • Providers must also continue to maintain internal records of all incidents related to their program activities pursuant to Part 836.
  • Providers should immediately notify their Field Office Program Manager of any reports submitted to the Justice Center.
  • OASAS will receive notification from the Justice Center of all reports submitted and updates of any incidents investigated by the Justice Center.


Death Reporting

All Covered providers must report deaths of a person receiving services while in a program facility via a Justice Center Hotline (1-855-373-2124). Residential service providers must also report deaths of a person who was discharged within 30 days of death to the same hotline number.

  • Notification shall be made immediately upon discovery and shall be followed within 5 days by submission of a Justice Center approved form.
  • Deaths of a non-patient related to service program should be reported as a significant incident via the Justice Center VPCR Hotline (1-855-373-2122).

Information regarding the death reporting process and relevant forms are found on the Justice Center website.

Jonathan's Law

A state law that requires providers to make notifications and share information related to “reportable incidents” involving patients in OASAS facilities, provided the disclosure is done consistent with federal confidentiality laws.



- All providers will be required to secure consent from service recipients of all ages to permit the Justice Center to comply with their investigative obligations.

- OASAS will enter into an agreement with the Justice Center to share permissible information.

- OASAS has provided a mandatory Consent Form (TRS-AN) to be used by all covered providers or providers may execute a Qualified Service Organization Agreement  (QSOA) with the Justice Center. The QSOA is an alternative method for the disclosure of patient-identifying information which does not require a program to obtain individual patient consent forms.