Program Certification

Operating Certificate

New Program Certifications and Changes to Existing Programs

How to obtain initial certification for a new treatment program or add/change services for an existing program.

Any existing or prospective provider of substance use disorder services is required to obtain the prior approval of the commissioner of the New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) before establishing, incorporating and/or constructing a facility or offering a service. It is the applicant’s responsibility to review all applicable operating regulations to ensure the proposed action(s) is in accord with regulatory standards and to receive approval by the appropriate local governmental unit. After an operating certificate is issued, any changes or additions of services require notice and approve from OASAS. 

Steps to Certification
Regional Office Representatives are Here to Help
Prior Consultation

Arrange for a discussion of the conceptual basis of your proposal with both the OASAS Regional Office (RO) and Local Governmental Unit (LGU) in the jurisdiction where services are being proposed. Both parties will render a recommendation on the applicant’s proposal.


Sign-off from both parties is required for most prospective/existing providers to complete the Prior Consultation Form, The only applications that do not require the form are minor relocations, capital projects; adding a Supportive Living Site, and changes to prevention sites. 

Application Submission

Once you receive a recommendation to move forward, submit signed copies of the completed application to OASAS via NYSE-CONthe OASAS Regional Office, and LGU in the jurisdiction of the proposed program.

New York State Electronic Certificate of Need
Apply via NYSE-CON

Applicants are required to submit applications through the NYSE-CON system using an Health Commerce System (HCS) or account. Review the application instructions, choose the forms required for each component of your proposal and submit your application through the NYSE-CON system.

  • If you are a certified provider with an HCS account, your HCS coordinator needs to give you the role of CON Submitter and/or CON Updater based on your needs. If you do not yet have an account, reach out to your Agency’s HCS coordinator. View Instructions.
  • If you are not yet an OASAS-certified provider, you can access the NYSE-CON system, using a account. View Instructions.


Required Forms & Regulatory Compliance
Applications Vary Based on Proposed Action
Application instructions
Download Schedules

Schedules and/or forms required at the time of application vary based on the proposed action and are detailed below. It is the applicant’s responsibility to review any applicable New York State regulations to ensure that the proposed actions are in compliance with New York State regulatory standards. 


Prior Consultation – Attachment 1A

Application Summary

Part I – Entity Information

Appendix 1 – Governing Authority Questionnaire

Part II – Site Information

Part III – Description of Services

Part IV – Resource Allocation

Part V - Service Capacity Increases if applicable or Transfer of Ownership

Appendix II - Staff Deployment Matrix – Outpatient Treatment Services with Additional Locations

Appendix III – Minor relocation

Appendix IV – Character and Competence Attestation

Appendix V – Applicant Consent Form for Fingerprinting for OASAS Criminal Background Check

Exhibit A – Entity Establishment Documentation

Exhibit B – Service Component Information

Exhibit C – Attachment Checklist

Exhibit D – Provider Fiscal Viability Information


New Providers
What's Next

Once an operating certificate has been issued, new providers may wish to apply for enrollment in the Medicaid program to bill Medicaid for covered treatment services.

Our Criminal Background Check Unit will issue an e-mail to the Executive Director instructing them on the process for conducting criminal background checks on prospective hires, volunteers and interns.

We will conduct multiple site visits and one re-certification review per year to ensure programs are in compliance with NYS regulations and standards and operate within the scope of their certification.

Certified Providers
Operating Information and Compliance
An alphabetical listing of certified programs and certification information including, operating certificate numbers, effective and expiration dates of certification, site addresses, and services. OASAS routinely updates this listing to include the latest compliance performance data for each program.