Operating Certificate

Program Certification

Obtain the required certification to open and operate an addiction program; add/change the services of a certified program.

In New York, a prospective provider of substance use disorder services is required to receive the prior approval of the Commissioner of OASAS and go through the necessary channels of certification before establishing, incorporating and/or constructing a facility or offering a service. In most cases, prior approval from the Local Governmental Unit is also required. Once certified, any changes or additions of services that occur require explicit notice and approval.

Contact your nearest Regional Office for more information about the certification process.
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Steps to Certification

First, arrange for an initial discussion of your concept/proposal with both the OASAS Regional Office (RO) and Local Governmental Unit (LGU) in the jurisdiction where services are proposed. Locate your Regional Office (RO).

Prior Consultation & Endorsement

In most cases, a Prior Consultation form signed by both Regional Office (RO) and LGU representatives is required. The only applications that do not require the form are: minor relocations, adding a Supportive Living Site, and changes to prevention sites. The request for a Prior Consultation is made directly to the local OASAS Regional Office. Once the required signatures are obtained from the RO and the LGU, the completed form will need to be submitted with the application. Do not submit the Prior Consult (IA) separately.

Application Submission

Once you receive recommendation to move forward with your proposal, you can submit your complete application via NYSE-CON according to the detailed application instructions below. 

New York State Electronic Certificate of Need
Apply via NYSE-CON

Applicants are required to upload and submit completed application through the NYSE-CON system using an Health Commerce System (HCS) or NY.gov account. If you are not yet an OASAS-certified provider, you can access the NYSE-CON system using a my.ny.gov account. If you are a certified provider, you may already have an HCS account (try the same credentials you use to access the LOCATDR); if not, your agency HCS coordinators can assist in registering new accounts. HCS coordinators are responsible for auditing their organization’s users and role assignments.

If you have trouble submitting the application through NYSE-CON, please contact the OASAS Bureau of Certification at [email protected]. Do not contact the Department of Health’s Health Commerce System regarding OASAS Applications.

Required Forms & Regulatory Compliance
Certification Quick Reference Guide

Application contents will vary based on your proposal. The Quick Reference Guide to Program Certification provides applicants with a brief overview of the completion requirements associated with our certification process. The guide should be used as an aid and does not replace the full instructions below.


Required Schedules

Download and complete the required schedules based the application instructions for the proposed action. The Quick Reference Guide can also be used as a component checklist; it does not replace the full instructions. It is the applicant’s responsibility to review any applicable regulations to ensure proposed actions are in compliance with New York State regulatory standards. 

Prior Consultation – Attachment 1A
Application Summary
Part I – Entity Information
Appendix 1 – Governing Authority Questionnaire
Part II – Site Information
Part III – Description of Services
Part IV – Resource Allocation
Part V - Service Capacity Increases if applicable or Transfer of Ownership
Changes to Residential Reintegration or Supportive Living Site (PPD-11)
Changes to Prevention Sites (PPD-14)
Changes to existing Part 820 Residential Services Application (PPD-18)
Appendix II - Staff Deployment Matrix – Outpatient Treatment Services with Additional Locations
Appendix III – Minor Relocation
Appendix IV – Character and Competence Attestation
Appendix V – Applicant Consent Form for Fingerprinting for OASAS Criminal Background Check
Exhibit A – Entity Establishment Documentation
Exhibit B – Service Component Information
Exhibit C – Attachment Checklist
Exhibit D – Provider Fiscal Viability Information


New Providers Operating Information and Compliance

An alphabetical list of certified programs and certification information including operating certificate numbers, effective and expiration dates of certification, site addresses, and services. OASAS routinely updates this listing to include the latest compliance performance data for each program.