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Residential Services (Part 820)

Providers of Part 819 or 816.9 are encouraged to convert to the Part 820 Residential Services certification.


Programs certified under the Part 820 Residential Services Certification are approved to provide certain elements of care in a residential setting. A program may apply for any combination of Elements (Stabilization, Rehabilitation and/or Reintegration) and must complete an application identifying specific services and staffing for each proposed Element of Care.

Residential Redesign

Current residential treatment providers are encouraged to transition from Part 819 - Chemical Dependence Residential Services and/or Part 816.9 Medically-monitored Withdrawal and Stabilization certification to Part 820 - Residential Services. OASAS will provide a one-time payment of up to $205,000 to assist in program conversions. Providers should utilize the guidance documents on this page to formulate their transition and implementation plans. For technical assistance contact your Regional Office and [email protected].


Residential redesign is intended to increase flexibility for programs to provide services within residential settings based on the needs of each resident. LOCADTR 3.0 is a tool that is used by substance use treatment providers, Medicaid Managed Care plans, and other referral sources to determine the most appropriate level of care for a resident with a substance use disorder, can be used to assist in the identification of the Element of care most appropriate to the needs of the individual prospective resident.

Residents should enter treatment at the Element that most meets their needs and may move through the Elements as their individual needs require. The Elements are not linear, and not all residents will need to move from one Element to another or require all Elements. Movement between Elements is based on the clinical needs of the resident and not time in treatment.



    Residential Redesign Conversion Application

    A program may apply for any combination of elements under the new 820 regulations (stabilization, rehabilitation and/or reintegration), and must complete the application and certification process for each element of care that is proposed. Updated 05/25/22.



Clinical & Fiscal Guidance

Part 820 Fiscal & Programmatic Updates

OASAS hosted a webinar for Part 820 providers to address the availability of the Medicaid Tx per diem payment. This webinar includes programmatic guidance for the Reintegration element and time limited rate enhancements for all elements.

Residential Redesign Providers Meeting

On May 10th 2023, OASAS facilitated a discussion about transition to Part 820 Elements of care and availability of the Medicaid Tx per diem payment. This webinar includes programmatic guidance for Residential providers and Part 820 designated providers. 

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    Part 820 Residential Program Guidance

    This guidance provides Residential Services programs with additional information related to certification, reimbursement, claim submission, funding streams, and Medicaid and managed care enrollment for service recipients.




    Appendix A

    The Appendix A form together with the LOCADTR report, constitute notice to the insurer of an admission to a Part 820 specific element of service.




    Part 820 Revenue Calculator

    Providers can use this tool to project their Medicaid and Managed Care revenues for the Stabilization, Rehabilitation and Reintegration elements of Part 820 Certified Programs.



Operational Guidance


    Participant Screen and Search

    Guidance on integrating person-centered, strength based, trauma-informed practices to ensure health and safety in residential settings. References to the prohibition on body cavity searches included in this guidance document will be effective upon adoption of pending amendments to Parts 815 and 836.