Improving Lives by Leading a Comprehensive System of Addiction Services
Prevention, Treatment, Harm Reduction and Recovery

We value public input as an integral part of our planning process for developing our 2025-2029 strategic plan. We encourage all New Yorkers to review our draft strategic plan and the priorities outlined below, and then share your thoughts. Your feedback will help ensure that our agency's priorities align with the needs of those affected by addiction. 

A Message From
Commissioner Chinazo Cunningham, MD, MS

As Commissioner of the NYS Office of Addiction Services and Supports, I am proud to lead an agency that is guided by principles promoting: harm reduction; data-driven, evidenced based approaches; and equity. These principles, reflected in this draft strategic plan, are vital to our agency’s mission to provide, support, and oversee compassionate addiction services across the prevention, treatment, harm reduction and recovery continuum. Addiction is a chronic disease that impacts many New Yorkers and, as we know, we are losing far too many of our family, friends, and neighbors to overdose. We have the tools to support people impacted by addiction so that they can thrive and lead healthy lives. This Plan seeks to map our strategies for ensuring lifesaving services are accessible to all. 

Priority Outcome
People Served and Service Outcomes

We will ensure that all New Yorkers have timely access to the full array of evidence-based services across the prevention, treatment, harm reduction, and recovery continuum. People served across the continuum should have the ability to make choices in their care along their respective path.

Equity, dignity, compassion, and respect are at the core of OASAS’ mission, and our services will align to reflect these values. This includes meeting people where they are, providing person-centered support, and actively addressing the impact of systemic racism on access to and utilization of services. OASAS is committed to making our services accessible, appealing, easy to use, and removing any obstacles that might stand in the way.
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Priority Outcome
System Infrastructure, Accountability, and Workforce

We oversee a network of over 1,700 programs operated by approximately 540 providers. This network of programs and providers is critical to ensuring that services are delivered equitably and achieve the desired outcomes. OASAS aims to support providers to deliver services that are consistent and effective. Recent regulatory changes and new funding streams provide a novel framework to foster an equitable and compassionate service continuum.

A cornerstone of the provider system is the addiction workforce. Collaboratively with providers and educational institutions, OASAS aims to grow and sustain this workforce, so providers have the tools and resources they need to deliver desirable and effective services.
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Priority Outcome
Reputation, Relationships and Outreach

We lead a comprehensive system of addiction services and recognize that, as subject matter experts, the agency has a responsibility to communicate an evidence-based understanding of addiction-related information and resources. OASAS staff bring their diverse experiences to the agency and have a deep understanding of the nexus between addiction services and other socio-ecological factors. Through greater recognition of OASAS’ expertise in the field of addiction, we can empower communities to effectively support those impacted by addiction.

In addition to the addiction service system, we value our federal, state, county, city, and tribal partners and are committed to fostering these relationships to best meet the needs of all New Yorkers.
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Priority Outcome
Infrastructure and Processes

Building on the agency’s commitment to a comprehensive continuum of addiction services across prevention, treatment, harm reduction, and recovery, OASAS recognizes the important need for enhancing our infrastructure to support this goal. Enhancing the internal organization of the agency structures will optimize the efficient use of resources and services throughout the system of care. Through the use of data, OASAS can foster understanding among providers on the outcomes of their services, and in turn, create a system of care that best serves people’s needs.

As the direct operator of 12 Addiction Treatment Centers that provide services to approximately 8,000 persons each year, there are infrastructure improvements needed to ensure OASAS can support all New Yorkers who are receiving services in these settings.
Outside facade of the McPike Addiction Treatment Center Building

Priority Outcome
Staff, Leadership, and Agency Culture

To achieve the agency’s mission, OASAS needs to invest in a workforce that evolves with the expanding service continuum. OASAS is committed to establishing processes that allow for sustaining and recruiting passionate staff with expertise in prevention, treatment, harm reduction, and recovery. To be successful in this mission, OASAS must foster an inclusive and equitable culture for all agency staff.
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