Support Services

Building on Traditional Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Programs
Expanded Programming

Many OASAS providers offer expanded services that build on traditional prevention, treatment, and recovery programs. Locally-based services address the needs of specific counties and regions and offer additional support to individuals, families, and communities, affected by addiction. 

  • Prevention Resource Centers work with schools and community coalitions statewide to implement and strengthen evidence-based prevention strategies. 
  • 24/7 Open Access Centers and Centers of Treatment Innovation increase access to assessments, referrals, and familial support.
  •  Peer Engagement Specialists and Family Navigators help individuals and families understand addiction and navigate treatment and insurance systems. 
  • Clubhouses and Recovery Centers provide non-clinical, drug-free environments for recreation and skill-building.
  •  Housing Providers help homeless or at-risk families with a history of substance use disorder obtain stable housing and employment, which promotes recovery.
  • Addiction Resource Centers and Problem Gambling Resource Centers (PGRCs) are regional hubs that connect New Yorkers to appropriate services. 
    • Regional Addiction Resource Centers, in collaboration with local prevention programs, increase community education and raise awareness about addiction.
    • Problem Gambling Resource Centers provide education and information to communities and connect New Yorkers to prevention and treatment services.