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Professional Training

Coursework and instructors approved to fulfill education and training clock-hour credits for credentialed individuals.
Professional Training
Curriculum Development and Trainer Certification
Preparing Credentialed Professionals for the Workforce

OASAS provides opportunities for addiction professionals to develop and maintain the knowledge and skills they need to provide effective services throughout the addiction continuum of services. OASAS oversees and establishes guidelines for the comprehensive statewide education and training of New York State's credentialed addiction professional workforce and all staff who provide treatment, prevention and recovery services. Training includes the initial curriculum for all OASAS issued credentials, renewal trainings for credentialed individuals and trainings for trainers in standardized training curriculums. Approved trainings may be offered by certified Education and Training Providers, by OASAS directly or by our partners.

Training Catalog
Standardized Curriculum

Core coursework is typically taken in-classroom offered by a certified training provider. Distance Learning providers offer OASAS standardized curricula online as an alternative to classroom learning.

Motivational Interviewing 3

A two-day classroom training designed to teach counselors how to motivate people towards personal behavior change with a compassionate, client-centered approach.

Clinical Supervision Foundations

Required two-part training for the advanced level CASACs. Clinical Foundations I is an online, self-paced course and is a prerequisite for Clinical Foundations II which is offered in- classroom

Learning and Professional Development
Additional opportunities approved for credentialing credit
Learning Thursdays

Monthly online learning opportunity developed by OASAS. Course topics include ethics, cultural competency, special populations, and more.

Approved Training

Classroom and online courses from state, federal, and private partners that have been approved for credentialing credit. 

Education and Training Providers
Find Certified Trainers

Fine accredited colleges and universities, governmental agencies, professional organizations, and others Trainers that deliver OASAS approved curriculums and training for credentialing hours.

Become a Training Provider

Only OASAS-certified training providers can offer OASAS credentialing clock-hour credit. To become an education and training provider, apply for certification and attend a Train the Trainers event.

Initial training requirements and continuing professional education for renewals vary by credential. Advanced levels of the Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) credential are available and have additional education and training requirements and scopes of practice.