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Stop Treatment Fraud

Beware of false promises and fraudulent referrals to out-of-state treatment.

Patient Brokering 

New York State is cracking down on dangerous patient or body brokers that exploit the fear and pain at the root of all addiction. Patient brokering is a predatory practice in which brokers collect payment from addiction treatment providers outside of New York State, in exchange for referring patients to those programs. Often, the care offered by these out-of-state providers is more expensive and lower quality than care in New York State. 

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Video: Understanding the dangers of fraudulent treatment
OASAS General Counsel Robert Kent explains the dangers of so-called "interventionists," and the importance of understanding out-of-network insurance coasts, asking the right questions, and exploring your options for care in New York State.


If you have been solicited by a patient broker or suspect fraudulent referral or treatment, don't hesitate-report it immediately. Call 800-553-5790 or email s[email protected].